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JFRO'S 2023

Format once again ripped off shamelessly from the Librarian in  Black: Books -- The Fraud, Systems Collapse, The Persian Boy, No Gods for  Drowing, Wool, Exhalation, The Man Who Invented the Computer,  Empire of Pain, And The Category Is..., Heart of Stone, A Deadly  Education Comics -- Monica, Kill 6 Billion Demons, Webcomic Name, Daughter  of the Lillies, Achewood Movies -- Godzilla Minus One, The Jade Raksha, Polite Society, John  Wick 4, Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Shiva Baby, Spider-man: Across  the Spiderverse, Vesper, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among  Thieves, Center Stage  TV Shows -- Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, Warrior, Star Trek:  Strange New Worlds, RuPaul's Drag Race, Loki, Slow  Horses, Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities, Perry Mason,  The  Sandbaggers, The Only Murders In The Building, The Peripheral,  Ted Lasso, The Mandalorian, Better Call Saul, Dungeons & Drag  Queens, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Albums -- Pillows And Prayers: Cherry Red Records 1981
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Recently, my dreams have been particularly vivid and lengthy. The other day, I dreamt a whole movie, including going to see it and researching it later. I was at a Convergence movie showing among a raucous, late-night crowd, excited to see this cult movie from 1982 I’d never seen before, recently released in a restored Criterion edition. Pasolini (no relation to the director of The Decameron and Salo ) is the name of an ancient family that hunts demons from another dimension. They are trained from birth in martial arts by hand and sword (guns, bombs, grenades, etc. being useless against supernatural creatures), as well as espionage and tradecraft in order to discover shape-shifting demons in positions of power. Demon hunters also have limited ESP (like the Shadow or low-level Jedi), which they use to make mundanes forget they saw anything weird. Our protagonist is Eduardo Pasolini, the handsome and charming scion of the family. He has a slight air of melancholy due to a secret fea


This was from a Facebook post by Outlaw Renegade Radio that I saw on K. R.W.'s Facebook feed. Not sure what constitutes "one line", but I don't really care. Can you name all the songs? Answers are linked at the end.  "But there's no danger, it's a professional career, though it could be arranged, with just a word in Mister Churchill's ear." "Now up jumped the U.S. representative, he's the one with the tired eyes, 747 put him in that condition, flyin' back from a peacekeepin' mission." "If I could stand to be on my own, then I would probably just leave you alone." "Why is the bedroom so cold, you've turned away on your side." "I drank a jar of coffee, And then I took some of these." "He lies on his side, is he trying to hide, in fact it's the earth, which he's known since birth." "I'm all lost in the supermarket, I can no longer shop happily, I came in here for the

JFRO'S 2020

Jfro's 2020  from  ash966  on  8tracks Radio . Format once again ripped off shamelessly from the Librarian in  Black: Books -- Circe, 1177  B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed,  Network Effect, Spinning Silver, The City We Became, The  Mirror & The Light, Ancillary Justice, The Last Emperox, Into  the Drowning Deep,  Every Heart A Doorway, Jade War, Jane  Doe, Agency, Gideon The Ninth, The Traitor Beru Cormorant,  The Tombs Of Atuan Comics -- Solutions & Other Problems, Godslave , Back Movies -- We Have Always Lived In The Castle, Industrial  Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records, What She Said,  Hotel Artemis,  The Old Guard, Greyhound, The Disaster Artist,  Ready Or Not,  John Wick: Chapter 3, 1917 TV Shows -- The Mandalorian, The Queen's Gambit, The  Expanse, Drag Race (US, All Stars, Canada, Holland), The  Boys, The Umbrella Academy, Legendary, We're Here,  Divorce,  Insecure, Letterkenny, Archer, Better Call Saul, The  Magicians, Hunters, Altered Carbon, T

Things I Learned in 2020

Well, this has been quite a year, yessiree bob. But I’m being thankful right now of what I have and how my powers of Super-Introversion were activated by the current crisis as a laser-focus on learning stuff. Not that there weren’t many long hours of being too tired and paralyzed to move from the couch to the bed and vice-versa. And dusting and many other cleaning activities that didn’t aid in bodily sanitation were left by the wayside. Anyway, I hope that you too can make a list of things that you learned other than the details of the Electoral College.  How to make quick pasta sauce with canned tomatoes How to make instant oatmeal How to make creamed spinach Basic ASL Basic Inkscape Video conferencing with Zoom/Teams/Webex/Meet/Jitsi How to make ink-jet Shrinky Dinks Basic screencasting with Screen-Cast-O-Matic and Camtasia Online training creation with Niche Academy Online playlist transfer with Soundiiz Mask making Cuttlebone casting Intermediate Tinkercad Slide digitization Basic


So I guess cyberpunk is hot again. I don't play those newfangled video games, but all this fanfare made me remember my old Cyberpunk 2020 days, when I was Jael Furoshiki, Japanese/Jewish survivor of of a destroyed South China Sea pirate pack trying to make a living in the Minneapolis Red Zone as a bodyguard/food delivery technician (yes, both a pirate and an ninja).  Later she got ported to Interface Zero , which got rid of some of the anachronisms and C2020's crazy-high fatality rate (there used to be a page dedicated to players' favorite deceased characters, sadly now lost to even the Wayback Machine). Anyway, one time I made up musical genres my character would listen to--can't find my old character sheets, but this gives you the idea... TOP MUSIC GENRES FOR YOUR CYBERPUNK GAME: Cambo-Punk Robo-Funk Post-post-post-post-post Punk Really New Wave Black Klezmetal Danish RaiZulu Techno-Jive Country & Western & Gabber Lo-NRG Goan Garage Garage


When I was a kid, oatmeal was boring. I only started to appreciate it as an adult because instant oatmeal is fast and filling to eat before work when you're not a morning person. Then Quaker came out with the "Real Medleys", which are better, but still have that chalky instant aftertaste, and are a bit pricy for what they offer. Then my friend SR posted this recipe on Facebook, and I saw how much better homemade oatmeal mixes could be. It's so much more flavorful, but has to be refrigerated and tastes best when eaten right away. So, not the way to make a big batch of fruit, nuts and fiber that can be stored in my cubicle and eaten before work.  Back to the Internets for more research! I lucked out and found this recipe  right away. Now, I have to confess that I can't really care about quick oats vs steel-cut oats, so I just used whole quick oats instead of grinding the oats in a food processor. I tried toasting the oats and not toasting them, but didn'