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Ernie Kovacs had a budget of 50 cents, but at least he tried . It's a weird time for TV. Some shows are at a really high level ( Fringe, Mad Men, Dollhouse, The Office ), while others . . . take the audiovisual abortion that is Secret Girlfriend , now in the Slot Of Doom after South Park , for example. I've always wondered what it would be like to live in a straight-boy porno movie without all the distracting sex acts and with the addition of 2 douchey frat-boy buddies who say stuff like, "Chillax, bro." A web series is finally ported to regular TV, and it's not The Guild but this? Why? If it costs Comedy Central about 50 cents in a time period they never succeed in anyway, why not try something that's actually good ? Just a thought. And then the long, boring, endless soap opera that was ER finally ends, and I'm ready for a decent drama, but they replace it with Jay Leno ? I thought going to bed at 10:30 protected my tender eyes from his unfunny comedy a


The picture above has nothing to do with anything, I was just inspired by Jason's Autumn Mix to make a melancholy depiction of the coming of winter by setting Photoshop's Blur More filter to stun. Ever since I got my iPod Touch, I 've been playing this fun game called Find the Wi-fi . It's like there's this whole secret world of networks beneath the normal, every-day one. I probably should rename mine something weird so people will be ashamed to use it, just like Vork in The Guild . (Any thoughts? I'm thinking Sweet Jfro's Badass Network ) Here are places I've used wi-fi: Breugger's McDonald's The Turf Club Suds America Work Off-site work in-service Home Shish


So, I finally got that iPod Touch I've been craving. You can see I'm mostly going for the free and Web 2.0 route, except for games of course. I now see why people want mobile versions of web sites for their PDAs and smartphones. A little surfing is OK, but you don't want to do a ton of it. On the other hand, the Facebook app may be better than the web site The Touch will save me having to pay to make calls when I'm on the town just for informational purposes. Frankly, I don't want to be on the phone at all, except for important business that can't be done online, emergencies, and talking to loved ones. Perhaps I will discover the joy of texting now I can do it for free. I mean, what is with these cell companies? You're supposed t0 pay $40 for phone, $30 for data, and another $20 for texting? Screw that. If I really get addicted and need to be online all the time, I'll just get a Mi-Fi , with the pre-paid phone it'll still come out cheaper that the iP