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WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR HIGH TENSION , I AM LEGEND AND FIGHT CLUB From this discussion in Flickr Name That Film : I Am Legend had a disappointing ending, although I still liked it. It would've gone from good to great if they'd chosen an ending closer to the book . The Last Man on Earth had the closest to the original ending, unfortunately the mutants there looked like people with a bad hangover. The ending of High Tension totally ruined it for me. If you're going to do the "unreliable narrator" thing in a movie, you have to drop hints or set it up in some way. I felt the same about Fight Club , although it's a much better movie. Just no set up at all for the twist. I haven't read the book, I assume the author did a better job. Successful movies with an unreliable narrator: Kind Hearts and Coronets The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Lolita (1962) The Blade (1995) ---------------- Now playing: Big Audio Dynamite - E=MC2 via FoxyTunes


So, like everyone else in the universe, I had to go to the Golden Compass web page and find out what my daemon is. I was hoping for a lemur or a binturong , but a lion is cool too. Sorry for slacking off, but holiday busy-ness and all that. My plan to convert everyone to celebration of O-Shogatsu and therefore have one more week to get everything done is not going as well as I hoped. PS. If you haven't read the His Dark Materials series , put down whatever you're doing and do so now. It kicks Harry Potter's ass eight ways from Sunday. ---------------- Now playing: The Go! Team - Panther Dash via FoxyTunes


For even more Jfro awesomeness, Dr. S helped me add my YouTube playlist to my blog. Thanks, sweetie! At least it doesn't play until you want it to and you can skip clips you don't like, unlike the the clashing horror of multi-media all going at once that is Myspace. ---------------- Now playing: Sleep - Evil Gypsy/Solomon's Theme via FoxyTunes