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About the current corporate personhood kerfuffle that's been in the news so much lately: I have an idea that would satisfy both liberals & conservatives. Corporations can be people, but then they have to go to jail when they've been bad just like regular people. No rights without responsibilities, n'est pas ? Fines for breaking rules and lawsuits just don't seem to be getting the job done, and it's too easy for corporations to influence politicians into watering these down (see: "Tort Reform"). If a company breaks the law, we own their ass, and the worse it is, the longer we own them. If they are really bad, it's the death penalty--complete dissolution. It's not nationalization or socialism unless prisoner work details are, it's being tough on crime . What's softer on crime than saying certain people can't ever be put in jail no matter what they do?


I got plenty of toys last year, so my ambitions for this year are more modest: Mac-Friendly Webcam for Skyping ($30 - 50) If anyone knows of a good one for Macs, let me know. My sister and brother-in-law had a little trouble setting theirs up. Headphones with Mic for Skyping on iPod Touch (20-$50) Now that my Internet is speedy enough, my plan is to eventually use Skype for all my long-distance calls. I just need to find some headphones without those stupid earbuds. My doctor told me never to put anything in my ear smaller than my elbow, and it seems like good advice. I don't even like using earplugs except for those wax ones that swimmers use. If you've ever had TMJ pain where it feels like someone is drilling into your brain from the inside, you'll know why. I might have to buy the mic separately. Boxee Box ($200?) This is the one that will go bye-bye if my fridge or dishwasher conk out. I love the idea of streaming shows on the Internet, watching them at my computer not


Project Digitization proceeds apace. I was in the mood for something 90's and tight and minimalistic, sort of like a sheared-off shard of slate or obsidian. So, I thought of the underrated Twin Cities band Vertigo . Here's some some vinyl-only goodies from their 4-song 7" Rub . Murder By Guitar Snakes Smoked Rub


Best movie: District 9 Best martial arts movie: Chocolate, Ip Man (tie) Best Documentary: Scott Walker: 30th Century Man About Time It's On DVD Already: Hobson's Choice, Five Deadly Venoms (tie) Best TV Show (Network): Dollhouse Best TV Show (Cable): Mad Men Best Animated Feature: The Sky Crawlers Best Animated Series: Baccano! Best Web Series: The Guild Best book: Maul by Tricia Sullivan Best Young Adult Novel: The Forest Of Hands & Teeth by Carrie Ryan Best Nonfiction: Japrock Sampler by Julian Cope Best Graphic Novel: Likewise by Ariel Schrag Best Manga: A Drifting Life by Yoshihiro Tatsumi Best webcomic: The Order Of The Stick by Rich Burlew Best Blog: Something Awful 's fake Levi Johnson blog (warning: contains lots of swearing and sexual references that I'm sure don't reflect the real person at all ). Best Album: Snailking by Ufomammut Best Single: "That Beep" by Architecture in Helsinki About Time It