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This was from a Facebook post by Outlaw Renegade Radio that I saw on K. R.W.'s Facebook feed. Not sure what constitutes "one line", but I don't really care. Can you name all the songs? Answers are linked at the end.  "But there's no danger, it's a professional career, though it could be arranged, with just a word in Mister Churchill's ear." "Now up jumped the U.S. representative, he's the one with the tired eyes, 747 put him in that condition, flyin' back from a peacekeepin' mission." "If I could stand to be on my own, then I would probably just leave you alone." "Why is the bedroom so cold, you've turned away on your side." "I drank a jar of coffee, And then I took some of these." "He lies on his side, is he trying to hide, in fact it's the earth, which he's known since birth." "I'm all lost in the supermarket, I can no longer shop happily, I came in here for the