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So, digitizing my records reminded me that I was missing one album from one of my favorite bands, Arcwelder . This was the record that caused them to be sued by the owners of the Tilt-A-Whirl carnival ride and forced to change their name. There was a little note on the packaging to that effect. According to the band's web site, at least some copies of the Jacket Made in Canada CD have this whole album on it as a bonus, but that's hard to find too ( I can't get used to CDs being rare. This LP was actually 1/3 of the cost of that CD at the time I bought it, even though the seller on Gemm was in the UK. Plus, more of a historical document. Arcwelder never got the credit they deserved. People called them "little Husker" because they dared to be a 3-piece with two singers. They don't sound like Husker Du to me, more like a more melodic Tar or some other Chicago Touch & Go band if I had to compare. Judge for yourself: This PS. even more Arcwelder stuff here .


Well, we finally got to the zoo just before summer ended. The prairie dogs were the stars of the show as usual. Sometimes I wish we could have them as pets like in Japan, even though a prairie-dog size Habitrail wouldn't exactly fit in my one-bedroom apartment.