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Cavalcade of Cover Versions from ash966 on 8tracks . I love a good cover version. I have a playlist of 133 on my iPod.  Yet TV shows like Glee and movies like Across the Universe make me gnash my teeth in annoyance and stab my pillow. Why is that? I’m going to try to explain, but I don’t entirely understand myself, so bear with me.  I don’t actually hate musicals. I have seen Singin’ in the Rain , The Bandwagon , and Meet Me in St. Louis a total of 20 times at least. If there were a new version of The Carol Burnett Show where they did a combination of standards and top 40 hits between skits, I would be all over it. ( Kiki and Herb: The Series !) I do believe there are very few good ones (Hi, Hedwig and the Angry Inch ) ever since Rodgers & Hammerstein decided they had to be about Serious Issues and the songs had to come out of the action organically and stuff, which is just no fun to watch.  So, basically in the 60s music started changing (ye