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Too few rock bands provide us with medieval-barbarian-related entertainment these days. The Sword is bent on remedying this lack.


sleepinglemurs Originally uploaded by ash966 . Dr. S. and I had a lovely day at the Minnesota Zoo last week.


andreasnoticboard Originally uploaded by ash966 . Andrea's Notice Board. Thanks to this web site , I generated my own personal "On Notice Board" of things that chap my ass. Thanks to Michael Stephens for the heads-up .
Magazines Oh, how I love magazines. I get excited when they come in the mail. There's just something about flipping through a big pile of magazines that makes me happy (I always make an initial run-through to see what I have in store for me before getting into the articles). They are great for riding the bus, for reading in bed, for long hot baths, for during the commercials, and forwhen you are too tired or sick to concentrate on a novel. I don't drive and I prefer to listen to music in the morning or when doing chores around the house, so magazines serve the purpose that NPR does for other people (No, I don't listen to NPR unless I'm in someone else's car. Don't tell anyone, or my Masters of Library Science degree might be revoked). I was starting to feel like my subscriptions were getting out of hand, though, and that I might have to join Maga-holics Anonymous and admit my powerlessness over my addiction to magazines, so I bit the bullet and cancelled my subs