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I was just thinking that my old post on nerd rage at non-nerds rejecting them romantically was a little unclear.  I wanted to say that, though I do think Hollywood hypes opposite attraction too much, the aforementioned investment banker/Magic-the-Gathering champion had as much right to want to date a non-nerd as the non-nerd had a right to NOT want to date him, Maybe he liked her because of her commitment to her job, her sense of humor, religion, or hair color. I am all about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness -- everyone gets to decide their own criteria, and you only say boo about your friends' relationships if there seems to be abuse or serious deception (mild deception in the beginning of dating is encouraged in our society, though Jfro fans know I'm no good at it). I don't even think the government should investigate couples for possibly marrying for a green card -- the idea of the government investigating someone's personal life like that makes me il