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Note: This is an amazing costume. The post below is not meant to be derogatory of the person above, or any other awesome nerds I know. These days, the lines between nerds, hipsters and the mainstream can get awfully blurry, Hence, I suppose, the flurry of articles policing and building a giant border fence around Nerd Nation. Tara Tiger Brown is all exercised about a supposed epidemic of women pretending to be geeks to get attention, and Patton Oswalt wants to set off the apocalypse so kids will no longer have it so easy finding cool stuff and perfectly ordinary office workers won't think they can spend their spare time writing Twilight fan fiction without being shunned like an Amish stripper. And then there's this: Watching movies and miniseries based on fantasy novels and comics doesn't make you a nerd. They just make you late to the party. — Spike ( @Iron_Spike ) April 12, 2012 Yes,  Iron Spike and only Iron Spike can say who is truly a nerd. If you we