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Here's a watch I made using a Shawnimals Wee Ninja charm I got for like $2 at Robot Love . I bought the watch to match and just happened to have a red bead. I had my 15 seconds of fame today when Shawnimals found this photo and tweeted it: Seriously AMAZING! via @ ash966 posted a photo: A watch I made from a Wee Ninja charm. Oh Flickr stats, how you feed my ego! ---------------- Now playing: Knack - Good Girls Don't via FoxyTunes


Comcast has done it again. It's like they are trying to make me hate them. Why, Comcast, why? I was finally free of the cable box and its attendant wires with the HDTV, but now they're trying to force me to get one again. I just pay $10/month for the network channels because my building has zero reception, so why do I need a box? The above article implies that I can still get channels 2-23 without a box, I will just lose random channels like Food & Travel that I don't really watch anyway. Let's hope so, or my rage against them will be mighty. The new system also seems to be interfering with my EyeTV so I can't set it to record ahead, just while the show is on. This isn't too big a problem, because I mostly record shows when something else is on at the same time or to watch later with my sweetie. Still, it irks me. It couldn't possibly be because they want me to pay a monthly fee for their PVR, could it? Oh noooooo. When I got an extra cable hookup to