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Showing posts from March, 2006
Internet 2.0 Weekend This weekend I got all Internet 2.0. I finished adding all my links to, subscribed to blogs on an RSS feed reader , and started a Flickr pool. The pool is for creative versions of the American Library Associations READ posters, so if you have any, please post them! I'm going to pick the best one and give the winner a free t-shirt and poster from Cafepress .
I'm working on DVDtalk's list of top ten anime of 2005 . This is what I've seen so far: 1. Samurai 7. I don't if I'll watch this, frankly. Who needs a remake of a masterpiece like Seven Samurai. There's already a decent Hollywood version , a Japanese schoolkids-versus-bikers version, e ven an outer space version . Japan! Don't catch Hollywood's unnecessary-remake disease! If you do, what next? Citizen Kane: The Anime? The Godfather: The Anime? Once Upon A Time in the West: The Anime? Actually, the last one might be kind of cool. 2. Ghost in the Shell: SAC (2nd Gig). I've seen the first two DVD's. I loved the first Stand Alone Complex, and this is shaping up to be just as good. In addition to the issues of what it means to be human in a cyber-world, these shows built on the political intrigue that was part of the original comic book, but (understandably) did not feature in the movie. 3.Fullmetal Alchemist. I've seen the first six DVD's.
***Warning!****the link below may not be appropriate at work or around small children! If you remember those old "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, you may enjoy these parodies. I laughed so hard at #3 on page 5 that I nearly asphyxiated myself.
I just finished reading Guided By Voices: Twenty Years of Hunting Accidents in the Forests of Rock and Roll. It was much more interesting than I thought it would be. I mean, I love GBV dearly, but they don't have a history of acting freaky in public or having torrid love triangles and their drummer didn't lose an arm or anything dramatic like that. In spite of that, the book manages to give us a good portrait of a cult indie-rock band in the 90's. Sometimes it's more instructive to view an industry from the bottom or the middle than the top, like reading about a cult actor in Psychotronic versus a big-star puff piece in Premiere . Those big stars never tell you anything interesting; they have too much to lose. Here's the top three scandalous revelations about GBV from the book: 1. Sometimes, when it looks like Bob is chugging a beer on stage, he's really intentionally spilling most of it down the front of his shirt. 2. The song "Teenage FBI" was in