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I Can't Stop with the Mixes

Photo by Mermaid99 Last week I had a fit of mix-making passion, which led me to make a bunch of them on 8Tracks . Every now and then I miss my college radio days and think: how can I make people listen to what I want them to listen to? hasn't worked out for me so far, because no one will DJ with me (sigh). Maybe I'll try again when it's out of beta. With 10, 000 mp3s and counting, you know there will be more. What should I do next? Disco-funk? Post-punk dance? Cover versions? Girl Punk? Garage Rock? Send me any requests you may have. PS. 8tracks has an app now, so you can rock it mobilely. And it's free, unlike Spotify or Rdio.


It's a shameful confession for a nerd to make, but I've never read Lord of the Rings (shameful!) After enjoying such spin-offs as Dungeons & Dragons, The Order of the Stick , and DM of the Rings , I thought that I should finally see the movies at least. Besides, The Fellowship of the Ring was on Netflix streaming. So anyway --it was OK. I know now where the concept of a "ranger" in D & D comes from. But, you know, I wouldn't mind a little humor or some sex. These are kind of a big part of most peoples' lives, is it so weird to want that? I hear tell that the filmmakers took the liberty of adding some romance in later films (correct me if I'm wrong), but it was not in the books. If you are writing a book set in a monastery or an intimate portrait of an asexual it's one thing, but this is a world-spanning epic with dozens of races and hardly any romantic/sexual relationships. It also has unfortunate "fewer girls=more serious&quo