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Showing posts from July, 2006
Nancy Pearl vs. the Sea Monster Well, I've starting taking a few toy photos for the Secret Life of Toys Flickr Pool , but I never thought of using my Librarian Action Figure . The creator says she was inspired by my Read Posters Pool to create her own group . Cool! Maybe I can get everyone at work to bring in their Librarian Action Figures and we can have a photo shoot.
Art Weekend It was a busy weekend. Me and Dr. S. and our friend Wee Ninja went to Mr. Aimes-One's show at J. Hunter, then the Art Car Parade and a brief visit to the B-Girl Be show at Intermedia. Oh, and I caught Wee Ninja lurking in the bushes near my house. I'm sure you're all watching Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo after reading my review , but if not, part five has giant robots !
Last weekend my sweetie and I did a photo-crawl for street art by the railway tracks near 94 and 280 and between the Lake and Hiawatha and 38th and Hiawatha light rail station s , with a stop at one of my favorite local stores, Ax-Man . Here are some of the photos I took. Next project: some toy photos for The Secret Life of Toys Photo Pool .
Once a month there will be a new feature on this blog, Jfro's Movies of the Month , listing the movies I've enjoyed watching the past 30 days. Here is the list for June. I won't have time to review them all myself, so there will be links to reviews for at least the non-Hollywood-blockbuster type movies. Thanks to Cary for the idea. Now you have my books, my links, my photos, and my movies, a veritable cornucopia of Jfro-liciousness.
I'm just getting into LibraryThing . It's social networking for book geeks, so it's surprising it took me so long. Here's my catalog. I'm also linking to it on my web page and over on the left here. I don't feel that I have to limit it to books I actually own, so I'm including books that I got from the library and excluding useful but boring books that reside at my home. I think it will be especially useful for remembering what books I've read in the past year that I could recommend to or buy for friends and family. There isn't a specific place to put in year it was read, but I could add that info. I might also find some titles I want to read by looking at who else has read books in my catalog.