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Every so often, I miss my college radio days, so I decided to do a show on my college radio station for reunion weekend. My theme was "Fogotten 80s", either tracks by forgotten bands or rare tracks, live shows, b-sides, 12-inch extended versions, etc. by somewhat more well-known bands. I have a terrible voice for radio, but please listen anyway: JFRO'S RADIO SHOW Track List: Driving the Dynamite Truck - Breaking Circus Marseilles (Live)- Rifle Sport Burn - Black Spot Koolegged (Live) - The Melvins Test - Airlines Alone - Colin Newman You Were An Optimist - Band of Susans Easy As It Was - The Melvins Strange Fruit - Siouxsie & The Banshees Wichita Lineman - B.E.F. What We All Want (Live) - Gang of Four Accretions - Shriekback Hungry, So Angry - Medium Medium Fish - Throwing Muses Kansas - The Wolfgang Press Incubus Succubus II - Xmal Deutschland All To Myself - Indoor Life Never Never - The Assembly Sensoria - Cabaret Voltaire Dan Destiny &