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When I am an old woman . . .

So, there's this group called the Red Hat Society , and they are all about women over 50 getting together and having fun. I'm all for that, but most of the things they do don't interest me. So when I get that age, I plan to start my own Red Beret Anarchist Knitting Society with my friends. Here are some things we might do: 1) Go to Balls or some other cabaret or open-mic night, and do some weird performance art thing. I'll wear a really bizarre outfit, too. 2) Go to a punk rock show and stand at the very front. Moshers wouldn't dare slam into a bunch of old ladies, would they? It'd have to be early evening, though, I already have trouble staying up 'till one AM. 3) Karaoke of New Wave hits of the '80s. 4) Do some graffiti. No one would arrest a bunch of old ladies for expressing themselves with spray paint and stickers. Or, we could combine street art and knitting like the gals of Knitta , thus avoiding accusations of permanently damaging public prop


radgeezinsane Originally uploaded by ash966 . I have an irrational desire to win one of the photo contests that this Twin Cities Flickr group I'm in has. This month's topic was fall foliage, which I'm not really into, but it was nice last Sunday, so Dr. S. and I took a walk and I was able to combine the topic of fall with my interest in street art.

Bearded Monkey

bearded monkey Originally uploaded by ash966 . It was a lovely Indian summer day in St. Paul, so we went to the Como Zoo.


oxbreakfast Originally uploaded by ash966 . Dr S. and I had a lovely day walking down Nicollet Avenue and having brunch at the Bad Waitress with our new friend, Black Ox .