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Well, I wanted to do some dancing last Friday, but all my options were sad, sad, sad. Dr S. and I wandered around downtown going from sports bar to horribly-overpriced-dress-to-impress-yuppie-hell to sports bar playing rap or top 40. We thought about seeing this bhangra DJ, but it was $35! I am of the generation that believes that dance music is techno or house. Listening to Groove Radio will give you an idea of what I mean. Industrial or electro is also acceptable. Of hip-hop influenced genres, dancehall, bhangra, reggaeton, or baile funk are also good, but I have to have an assurance that regular, mainstream, top 40 rap will not be mixed in. Sadly, the good stuff is often reserved for weekdays when only young'uns and those in the hospitality industry can attend. I just can't dance to rap music. It does not make my boogie muscle move. The good stuff is great for listening in a car or at home, but not dancing. Well, at least there's still Ground Zero 's Bondage-A-Go. T


The Spiritualized show at First Avenue was awesome. I needed some powerful guitar feedback in my life. Ctrl_S turned to me and said something that would make a perfect title for the singer's biography: Dear God, Please Give Me Some Heroin: The Jason Pierce Story Here's some other imaginary biographies I thought of on the bus: Thanks Jesus, But I'll Take It from Here: The Bono Story I Will Shoot You in the Face: The Dick Cheney Story The New Yorker Turned Down My Poignant Short Story and Now You Will All Have to Pay: The Craig Finn Story If you have any more, please post comments. PS. More Spiritualized pics here . ---------------- Now playing: Mayumi Itsuwa - koibito yo via FoxyTunes