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From this discussion in Name That Film : I've learned from bitter experience that any movie that can plausibly be described as "a triumph of the human spirit" is bunk. Hence, I've avoided the following movies like the plague: Life is Beautiful Dances with Wolves Schindler's List Crash (2004) Children of Huang Shi Biko Gandhi Amistad Bravehart Forrest Gump These sort of Oscar-bait movies drop off the best-of lists after a few years anyway, to be remembered only as a historical record of what was considered serious and important in the past. ( Gentleman's Agreement, A Patch of Blue, The Greatest Show on Earth , anyone?) ---------------- Now playing: Globe - What's The Justice? [00:07:59] via FoxyTunes


I never get tired of internet services that define me by my tastes. The reason I got into LastFM was because someone else had the widget on their blog and it looked cool. It filled me with a burning desire to have my favorite songs streaming here on Odd Obsession . It also lets me broadcast my soundtrack on Facebook. I don't really use it for recommendations, though. For that, I'm still a bit old-fashioned in using radio, albeit of the Internet variety (it is handy to have all the tracks listed. Listening to regular radio and having to wait for the DJ to say what they're playing seems so frustrating now, doesn't it?) Another hint from Dr. S is searching for lists of bands under a genre like " Stoner rock " on Wikipedia, then going to SeeqPod or MySpace to listen. Really the only reason for MySpace to exist. Anyway, for those with a lot of time on their hands, LastGraph offers a lovely visual representation of what you're listening to. I was loving the


For pure ego gratification, there's nothing like Flickr Stats . I love checking how many hits I've gotten on which pictures from which web site. Most of the sites are just photo blogs that search certain tags and refresh whenever a new photo with that tag pops up in Flickr, so they don't imply actual choosing due to photographical excellence, but some are from Japan , which is always cool. Note to self: If you want to be big on Japanese blogs, take photos of Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplayers. Other than that, my Flickr photos were linked to two mid-century modern design lovers , a Portuguese crafter who was interested in the Flickr plastic bag group , and the enigmatic Wansmile , who may be a Flickr Name That Film member and enjoyed my still from the Italian cyberpunk film Nirvana . Awesome. ---------------- Now playing: Devil Riding Shotgun - Who Am I via FoxyTunes