Monday, June 29, 2015


For those of you who missed it, here is my reunion show on WMCN. Please forgive any glitches.


"When Doves Cry" -Prince
"Bizarre Love Triangle" -New Order
"Are You Ready for the Sex Girls" -Gleaming Spires
"TV Party" - Black Flag
"Institutionalized" - Suicidal Tendencies
"A Million Miles Away" - The Plimsouls
"Puro Teatro" - La Lupe
"Mysteries of Love" - Julee Cruise
"In Dreams" - Roy Orbison
"If You Leave" -OMD
"Little Town Flirt" - Altered Images
"Party Party" - Elvis Costello
"Can You Rock It Like This" - Run-DMC
"Reckless Rivalry (Combat)" -Chris "The Glove" Taylor & David Storrs with Ice-T
"Wild Thing" - Sister Carol
"When Doves Cry" - Patti Smith
"Driving the Dynamite Truck" -Breaking Circus
"Burning Inside" -Ministry
"I Want You" -Cabaret Voltaire
"Whip It" -Devo
"Say Hello Wave Goodbye"- Soft Cell
"Kidney Bingos" -Wire
"What We All Want (Live)" -Gang of Four
"Betty's Worry or the Slab" - Hunters & Collectors
"Cavern" -Liquid Liquid"
"Shock The Monkey" -Peter Gabriel

The same week I got to DJ on with some people in the 80s Alt /New Wave group, playing my favorite thing, cover versions. I had a blast, even though it did not play well with my Firefox extensions. is the successor to the late lamented It's really easy to start playing music. You are limited to songs with YouTube videos, but that is most of them (make sure not to play the live version if that's not what you want.) Navigation takes a little getting used to. I'm a sucker for the gamification aspect where you get a cooler avatar the more you play.

I need some people to come join me on the wheels of steel, so unleash your inner DJ and come with me...

Monday, June 01, 2015



1. Blu-ray
2. TV
3. Receiver
4. Apple TV
5. VCR
6. HDMI switcher
7. Audio switcher
8. Universal
9. iPod Touch (controls iTunes on computer via Remote app, can cast to Apple TV, Chromecast, Blu-ray)
10. iPad  (ditto)

Items that can connect to the Internet:

1. Desktop computer
2. iPad
3. iPod Touch
4. Nook
5. Cell phone
6. Blu-ray
7. Apple TV
8. Chromecast
9. Wireless printer
10. Mobile hotspot

Items that can take a picture:

1. Camera
2. Cell phone
3. iPod Touch
4. iPad
5. Web cam

Items that can play music:

1. Blu-ray
2. Record player
3. Tape player
4. Desktop computer
5. iPod Touch
6. iPad
7. Portable CD player

Items that can play video:

1. TV
2. Blu-Ray
3. VCR
4. Desktop computer
5. iPad
6. iPod Touch

Items that need to be charged:

1. iPad
2. iPod Touch
3. Cell Phone
4. Mobile hotspot
5. Backup battery
6. Nook
7. Camera
8. Cell Phone
9. Dustbuster

Items that can be used for a phone call:

1. Landline phone
2. Cellphone
3. iPod Touch
4. iPad
5. Desktop computer