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Here are some more signs you are in a post-apocalyptic movie from the gang at Name That Film : 11. Someone always has an eye-patch. [1] 12. The use of seatbelts is decidedly not in fashion. [2] 13. The sky is a strange colour , usually red. [3] 14. Mode of transport if not # 4 is either futuristic or horse and cart. [3] 15 We only see what happens in America or America is the default saviour of the world. [3] 16. There just happens to be one person who knows how to save mankind. [3] 17. It helps if you ride on top of the bus or just stand up in a convertible. [4] 18. Also, somehow the place to be is the Junkyard/Quarry. [4] 19. Your grooming hasn't suffered as much as one would expect. [5] 20. You feel an uncontrollable urge to beat Kevin Costner to a lifeless pulp. [6] 21. Canned goods have a shelf life of 25 years. [6] 22. Everyone has surprisingly good teeth. [6] 23. Why are we in a desert??? [6] 24. You find an ancie


1. If you are a male, you have a mullet, yet no one is laughing at you. 2. Suddenly all sports and games of chance are "to the death": boxing, basketball, drinking games, motorcycle races, Old Maid. 3. You are surrounded by people with mohawks, face paint and/or tattoos, leather jackets, studded bracelets, and dominatrix outfits, but you aren't at an Exploited concert or 2-for-1 night at the Iron Eagle leather bar. 4. You have a sudden desire to pimp your car/motorcycle/bicycle with one or more of the following items: armor plating, barred windows, guns, spinning rotary blades of death. 5. No one has last names anymore, and badass-sounding one-syllable first names are preferred. Anyone who would introduce themselves as "I'm Clarence Higgenbottom III" has already met an untimely end. 6. Mutants!* 7. If there is a rumored "paradise" or "promised land", you won't find it. It will turn out to be a) a trap b)just as bad as everywhere else


The Shifted Librarian made this awesome READ poster generator , so now you don't need my sweetie's mad Photoshop skillz (or my OK ones) to make your own. Give it a try and add it to the Flickr READ poster pool . I made another one from a photo on the Chunklet blog of some garage rockers reading the Rock Bible . Pre-order yours today for some Jfro words of wisdom. ---------------- Now playing: Groove Radio via FoxyTunes


While perusing the Achewood discussion boards, which actually contain witty and smart people and very few trolls (although some of the avatars are the animated- GIF equivalent of fingernails on a blackboard), I came across the term " weeaboo ", which apparently someone who is unhealthily addicted to anime and manga . Meanwhile, at nearly the very same time, The New York Times was featuring some of the trolls that mock anime fans as weeaboos (also cause epileptic fits, issue death threats, etc.) on the very board in which the term was spawned. Of course, living in a fantastical, anime world all the time is not healthy, just like living in a video game, fantasy baseball league, science-fictional TV series, or (my favorite) the world where 15 th -century Europe was a land of fairies, wizards and non-stop orgies even for people who forget to bathe , all the time is not so good. But then, in the very act of trolling, their critics indicate they have no life as well, or why