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Showing posts from May, 2006
Hollywood rips off Asian movies, part 356 I saw a trailer for The Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drif t this weekend. It claimed to be the first movie about a type of racing called "drifting". Um, no and no . Par for the course, I know, but I just hope it's not all white-guy-and-his-black-buddy-vs-the-evil-Asians, which is what it looks like. The director is Asian-American, though. Strangely enough, I'd just seen the Hong Kong version of Initial D last week. I have no interest in cars in real life, but they're fun to watch in movies. I liked the way racing was treated like a martial art, complete with the hero having unknowingly aquired just the skills he needs to win, the worthy noble opponent, and the old drunk guy who seems useless but actually has the talent needed to train the hero. Instead of learning to use special weapons, the hero learns to use a different engine. Plus the great Anthony Wong as an alcoholic widowed tofu-maker! But it's not ju
I went to a workshop on RSS feeds last week, and now my blog is RSS-enabled. Here is the feed URL: I tried it in My Yahoo! , Google Reader and Bloglines , so avoid the rush and subscribe now! Also, if anyone has a blog or a Flickr photostream or something that I don't know about, please let me know so I can subscribe to it. It's so much more convenient than going to all the sites individually. PS. More info on RSS and web feeds here .
My pictures from the May Day Parade are up on Flickr now. Part of the parade had a book and library theme, I assume to celebrate the opening of the new Minneapolis Library .
Confessions of a Mac addict Last night I had an erotic dream about the guy who plays a Mac in those new " Get a Mac " ads. Justin Long was good in Dodgeball and Jeepers Creepers , but I'd never thought of him that way before. It must be due to my Apple obsession. By the way, I liked Jeepers Creepers , but was I the only person who thought it was weirdly homoerotic? JC seemed to prefer the boys, and in one scene you almost thought he was kissing one of them. Maybe the filmmakers wanted to avoid all the women-in-distress scenes endemic to the horror genre, and the tone ran away from them a little.