Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Inspired by this article and this discussion on Flickr:

I've been afraid to see Grave of the Fireflies because that's what gets me---(regular, ordinary, everyday) man's inhumanity to man, not psychos, who are easy to put in the "other" category and file away.

Candidates for Man's Inhumanity to Man Theater:

Forbidden Games
Umberto D
The Elephant Man
The Blue Kite
Hotel Terminus (because of the "regular" people who helped Barbie)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Shoot the Piano Player
The Warriors
Meet Me in St. Louis
Bedazzled (1967)
Full Contact
Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill!
36 Chambers of Shaolin/Shaolin Master Killer
Les Enfants Terribles
Sunset Boulevard
Valley Girl
The Masque of the Red Death
Ghost in the Shell
Where a Good Man Goes
Sweet Smell of Success
The Man in the White Suit


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My sister and brother-in-law had an exhibit in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. They hung out and asked random passers-by to join a tug-of-war. Much wholesome fun was had by all.

More on dazzle ships here.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I'm sure you all were wondering how I'm coping with my magazine addiction. Here's my one-year report:

I'm no longer able to get Jade Screen through my dealer, I mean comic book store, and a subscription to this UK publication is currently $60 for 4 issues. Damn that weak dollar! For a while I was getting Neo, another UK mag that combined my loves of anime and live-action Asian film, but then they just announced that it's no longer being carried ($118 for 12 issues). There was also Vengeance, which neatly combined my sweetie's and my obsessions by covering both martial-arts films and horror, but it went belly-up.

Psychotronic sadly ceased publication, but maybe it was inevitable. Most of the big-budget movies these days seem to be blown-up versions of previously despised psychotronic genres.

Meanwhile, anime just gets more and more popular, with long-running Canadian mag Protoculture Addicts starting to publish regularly rather than just whenever they feel like it, and the brand-new title Otaku USA, whose editor-in-chief is the great Patrick Macias of Japan Edge, Toykoscope, Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno, Animerica, Pulp, etc., etc. A man who loves anime, kaiju eiga, and Eurotrash cinema is one after my own heart. I never imagined in 1995 when I saw Ghost in the Shell that it'd be possible to bankrupt oneself by buying English-language anime publications.

Another new trend is art toy magazines like Hi Fructose and Super Seven, which I don't subscribe to but pick up now and then.

I did try to drop my subscription to Readymade, because it's cool and all but I don't ever make the stuff, and somehow I renewed it by accident while trying to get my sister a gift subscription. Then there's the free subscription to MacWorld that seems to keep going on and on . . .

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