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So, this month, since my cell phone service is ending anyway, I thought I'd play hardball with Qwest like they said to do on Lifehacker in order to get a better deal, hint that I might have to drop something due to the bad economy and all that, but maybe with a good deal on faster DSL I'd spend less on the celly, since I don't use it that much. Well, Qwest's answer was pretty much "Do whatever you gotta do, we don't care". Apparently I have to get fiber internet to get faster DSL, which means dropping my beloved ISP Iphouse , which has always been awesome to me. I call a local number and get someone right away, how do you beat that? Plus, Qwest uses as an ISP. Imagine the horrors that could entail! I called Iphouse, and they confirmed that my DSL never gets to the top speeds advertised because my condo is located in what is technically known as the "sucky" part of the DSL line, and that they indeed don't have fiber internet yet.


I'm sure you all were waiting with bated breath to find out how I dealt with my previously-mentioned audio woes , so here's the scoop: My turntable just needed a new belt drive (one of those big rubber bands that runs the machine), which the kind folks at the Needle Doctor replaced for $10 and didn't even charge me for labor. So I plugged it into my new receiver and it worked, but the sound was rather tinny. So I went back to the Needle Doctor and got a pre-amp. This has the added advantage of p lugging directly into my computer if need be. So, I can get back to the digitizing of my 300 records, and I don't have to buy one of those USB turntables which would cost twice as much. Yay Needle Doctor! Please give them your analog audio business! ---------------- Now playing: Groove Radio via FoxyTunes


Once again I succumb to the lure of an Internet meme: (1) Turn on your MP3 player or iTunes. (2) Go to SHUFFLE songs mode. (3) Write down the first 25 songs that come up--song title and artist--NO editing/cheating, please. (or shuffle CD’s or *gasp* LP's, close your eyes and pick your songs) If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about your musical tastes, or at least a random sampling thereof. I am especially interested in any guilty pleasures revealed, or weird random song cycles that actually work! Here's mine. You have to love a list that has Boredoms and You Spin Me Round on it. 1. Love Vigilantes--New Order 2. Bore Now Bore--Boredoms 3. Lonely Planet Boy--New York Dolls 4. Our Secret--Beat Happening 5. Sleeping Giant--Mastodon 6. He's a Whore--Cheap Trick 7. Pass The Flashlight--The Soviettes 8. Man With Golden Helmet--Radio Birdman 9. We Need More--New Bomb Turks 10. I'll Be Good To You--The Brothers Johns