Sunday, March 27, 2011


The New York Times has an article about people not making phone calls anymore, so it's not just me. If you are not one of my best beloveds, I don't want to talk to you on the phone (you know who you are, because I call you). This is especially true of business and consumer stuff. If I can do it online, I will. My only exceptions right now are my stylist, which is a tiny business and they answer on the first ring, so no big deal, and sometimes my health care provider. The latter is slowly crawling into the 21st Century with the rest of us, but it's not complete. Some offices will make online appointments, some won't. I do not know why they love playing phone tag so much, maybe because of the lack of a paper trail. I had to pay $130 dollars just for my doctor to yell at me for not making an appointment when I did (in person), but his office lost it. So I tried to make another reservation after he had finished, and they said they didn't have "their calendar ready yet". I'm sure I will soon get some cryptic messages on my phone from them when I can't call back soon. But government-run health care would be bureaucratic and incompetent, right?

Anyway, then they post another article saying that smart phones are such a good bargain that raising rates would be just hunky-dory? If Americans are not calling anyone and smart phones require a phone plan, then they cannot possibly be a good deal. And by the way, I paid $0 for my prepaid phone plus $480/24 months, not $20 + $800. And the more I use my iPod Touch, the less I want to use the phone (free texting!). I guess my current solution is awkward to some- dumbphone + MiFi I activate only when I'm going to be somewhere without wi-fi for an extended time + iPod Touch, but I prefer it to paying for something I won't use. I just hope that eventually people will revolt, as they seem to be doing with cable.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011


My Street Name: Badass Jfro
My Punk Name: Dre-N0
My Rap Name: Master Dre
My Drag Queen Name: Andrea Doria
My Dungeons & Dragons Name: Jfroella Of The Glade
My Cyberpunk Name: Jael "Jfro" Furoshiki
My Porn Star Name: Kitty High
My DJ Name: DJ Sniffles
My Social Network Name: ash966
My Anime Name: Jfro-Maru
My Steampunk Name: Rahel D'Souza
My Bowling Name: Peaches McGillicuddy*
My Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Name: Ratgirl
My Kung Fu Name: Leaping Lemur (Dr. S is Crouching Tarsier)
My Professional Name: It's Ms. XXXXXX XXXXXX, MLIS if you're nasty

*Thanks to Hellbound for the reminder.

What are your names?