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A Facebook "friend" (I don't actually know him, he just friends everyone who likes his favorite bands. Another friend added him and he seemed harmless, he just likes to be a virtual DJ and post YouTube music videos,) posted something that annoyed me. He felt that videos featuring shirtless male rappers was a bad trend and would turn kids gay. I really don't understand when my fellow hetereosexuals seem to believe that opposite-sex lovin' can't hold its own in a free market. I don't know, I have faith that it will retain a certain market-share even if GLBT people are totally non-oppressed, but maybe I'm just a cock-eyed optimist. My admittedly non-scientific sampling of rap videos viewed at library Internet station suggests that five scantly-clad women appear for every shirtless man, but this was not a problem for some reason. What about all the potential lesbianism this could cause? ---------------- Now playing: Tenement Halls - Am I Your Man via FoxyT

Odd Obsession Goes Mobile + More on Mobile Reading

Blogger added a new button to the settings, so now this blog is mobilly optimized for your enjoyment. Take Odd Obsession with you wherever. (I know I'm not the only one who reads Twitter in the bathroom.) Lately, I've been reading a lot on the iTouch, thanks to Instapaper.   I love how it takes the annoying ads out of web pages and makes them readable even without an Internet connecton. The only thing is, I can't figure out how to add a bookmarklet to Opera Mini (which is better for Facebook than their official app for my purposes). Anyone have any idea? When articles have comments that are actually informative, a mobile-friendly site is a must, though (I'm looking at you, Bitch Magazine !) For pdfs, I am trying Calibre to make them more readable. with mixed results. Two worked fine, but one couldn't convert for some reason. I recently found the site Mobileread on one of my professional mailing lists and saved it because I'm suppose