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Sorry, I am late in catching up with this Internet kerfuffle via Tiger Beatdown . Apparently, some lady made it clear that she didn't want to date a nerd, and people were like super-outraged about it.  I just do not understand this. In my view, of course nerdboys are the best, but if someone feels different, so what? It would just mean more nerdboys for me if I didn't have a perfectly awesome one already.  Some of the people commenting on the Tiger Beatdown story said they were in the nerd closet on Internet dating sites because of the negative views of others. Now, I can see that if you have a non-geeky job, everyone's got to eat and you can't always choose your workplace. But you want to lie about yourself and date people who you have nothing in common with because . . . ? I blame TV and movies. Opposites dating creates more drama and gives us a reason for two perfectly attractive single people to be kept apart for and hour and a half.  So, Ross has to end u
STONER ROCK UPDATE I finally got my stoner rock on last month with a show featuring Madison's own Droids Attack (see video above, sorry for the lousy quality) and Lo Pan from Ohio. I hadn't heard of the latter before, but they were excellent, with a Gary Floyd -like belter for a lead singer. It's good to see the Midwest represent with the rawk chops, but sadly the audience was pretty small. With our great Scandinavian heritage, you'd think more people would appreciate stoner rock, since so many bands (Lowrider, The Quill, Dozer, Grand Magus, etc.) are from Sweden. I love Monster Magnet, The Sword, and Fu Manchu, but I wish more bands who were not famous enough to be on the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack came to town. So, if anyone is going to see Karma To Burn tomorrow, please throw the horns for me, as I'm too tired from my birthday weekend to go out on a Monday night.