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It's Reunion time again, and I was back on the wheels of steel. The theme for my radio show this year was Cyberpunk, a musical soundtrack from the 80s to today for movies like Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell , or books like Neuromancer and Synners .  Here's my archived radio show: T racklist: "Making Of Cyborg" - Kenji Kawai "Ghosts" - Japan "Vienna" - Ultravox "Morningstar In A Black Car" - Ashbury Heights "Crash" - Mesh " Kingdom" - VNV Nation "Neon Lights" -Kraftwerk "Big Electric Cat" - Adrian Belew "I Want You" - Cabaret Voltaire "Driving The Dynamite Truck" - Breaking Circus "Burning Inside" - Ministry "Headhunter" - Front 242 "Self Control" -Raf "Guardian Angel" - Juno Reactor "