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As per usual, I am putting way too much effort into Halloween, but it's fun and the steampunk look will probably come in handy on some other geeky occasion. Here are some of my accessories to give you a little teaser, and because they won't show up too well in pictures of my costume. I made everything but the tiny top hat and the derringer, and no, that's not my real hair (it's just easier to clip the hat to a wig). And yes, I did take a picture of Dr. S just so I could put it in the locket. I am that anal and /or romantic, not sure which. ---------------- Now playing: Waiting For . . . - Yo Reiri via FoxyTunes


Once again, Guided By Voices brought the rock to Minneapolis. They are like a mighty machine of rock, rolling over all obstacles while going and going and . . . Oh, Steven Malkmus, why can't you be like them? I thought of going to the Pavement reunion for a minute before realizing that any wish for them to actually enjoy playing in public was but a pipe dream. Some notes on the show: On Mitch Mitchell's request for female companionship: Sorry, but I like you as a friend. You may get more ladies by joining a band that actually has a "cute one". On the other hand, people rush to be with "reality stars", why not someone actually talented? I really wish I could kick my hand. Am I too out of shape, or it my T-Rex like arms? Maybe Uncle Bob could give classes. Unlike some people, Robert Pollard's voice sounds even better live. My only critique: Nothing from Sunfish Holy Breakfast? Best EP ever.