Sunday, June 08, 2008


For pure ego gratification, there's nothing like Flickr Stats. I love checking how many hits I've gotten on which pictures from which web site. Most of the sites are just photo blogs that search certain tags and refresh whenever a new photo with that tag pops up in Flickr, so they don't imply actual choosing due to photographical excellence, but some are from Japan, which is always cool. Note to self: If you want to be big on Japanese blogs, take photos of Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplayers.

Other than that, my Flickr photos were linked to two mid-century modern design lovers, a Portuguese crafter who was interested in the Flickr plastic bag group, and the enigmatic Wansmile, who may be a Flickr Name That Film member and enjoyed my still from the Italian cyberpunk film Nirvana. Awesome.

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JethSeux said...

10,000 hits and recognition from Lisbon to Tokyo! That's my sweetie!
Lookin forward to our celebratory Midway Froto Walk.