Friday, September 12, 2008


The Spiritualized show at First Avenue was awesome. I needed some powerful guitar feedback in my life. Ctrl_S turned to me and said something that would make a perfect title for the singer's biography:

Dear God, Please Give Me Some Heroin: The Jason Pierce Story

Here's some other imaginary biographies I thought of on the bus:

Thanks Jesus, But I'll Take It from Here: The Bono Story

I Will Shoot You in the Face: The Dick Cheney Story

The New Yorker Turned Down My Poignant Short Story and Now You Will All Have to Pay: The Craig Finn Story

If you have any more, please post comments.

PS. More Spiritualized pics here.

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Anonymous said...

Actually the phrase was "Please, Lord, give me some more heroin," and it came from somebody on Electrical Audio. ...Love that Dick Cheney title.