Saturday, October 16, 2010


Once again, Guided By Voices brought the rock to Minneapolis. They are like a mighty machine of rock, rolling over all obstacles while going and going and . . . Oh, Steven Malkmus, why can't you be like them? I thought of going to the Pavement reunion for a minute before realizing that any wish for them to actually enjoy playing in public was but a pipe dream.

Some notes on the show:

  • On Mitch Mitchell's request for female companionship: Sorry, but I like you as a friend. You may get more ladies by joining a band that actually has a "cute one". On the other hand, people rush to be with "reality stars", why not someone actually talented?
  • I really wish I could kick my hand. Am I too out of shape, or it my T-Rex like arms? Maybe Uncle Bob could give classes.
  • Unlike some people, Robert Pollard's voice sounds even better live.
  • My only critique: Nothing from Sunfish Holy Breakfast? Best EP ever.

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