Sunday, July 31, 2011


A Facebook "friend" (I don't actually know him, he just friends everyone who likes his favorite bands. Another friend added him and he seemed harmless, he just likes to be a virtual DJ and post YouTube music videos,) posted something that annoyed me.

He felt that videos featuring shirtless male rappers was a bad trend and would turn kids gay. I really don't understand when my fellow hetereosexuals seem to believe that opposite-sex lovin' can't hold its own in a free market. I don't know, I have faith that it will retain a certain market-share even if GLBT people are totally non-oppressed, but maybe I'm just a cock-eyed optimist.

My admittedly non-scientific sampling of rap videos viewed at library Internet station suggests that five scantly-clad women appear for every shirtless man, but this was not a problem for some reason. What about all the potential lesbianism this could cause?

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