Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Can't Stop with the Mixes

Photo by Mermaid99

Last week I had a fit of mix-making passion, which led me to make a bunch of them on 8Tracks.

Every now and then I miss my college radio days and think: how can I make people listen to what I want them to listen to? hasn't worked out for me so far, because no one will DJ with me (sigh). Maybe I'll try again when it's out of beta.

With 10, 000 mp3s and counting, you know there will be more. What should I do next? Disco-funk? Post-punk dance? Cover versions? Girl Punk? Garage Rock? Send me any requests you may have.

PS. 8tracks has an app now, so you can rock it mobilely. And it's free, unlike Spotify or Rdio.

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