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1. Blu-ray
2. TV
3. Receiver
4. Apple TV
5. VCR
6. HDMI switcher
7. Audio switcher
8. Universal
9. iPod Touch (controls iTunes on computer via Remote app, can cast to Apple TV, Chromecast, Blu-ray)
10. iPad  (ditto)

Items that can connect to the Internet:

1. Desktop computer
2. iPad
3. iPod Touch
4. Nook
5. Cell phone
6. Blu-ray
7. Apple TV
8. Chromecast
9. Wireless printer
10. Mobile hotspot

Items that can take a picture:

1. Camera
2. Cell phone
3. iPod Touch
4. iPad
5. Web cam

Items that can play music:

1. Blu-ray
2. Record player
3. Tape player
4. Desktop computer
5. iPod Touch
6. iPad
7. Portable CD player

Items that can play video:

1. TV
2. Blu-Ray
3. VCR
4. Desktop computer
5. iPad
6. iPod Touch

Items that need to be charged:

1. iPad
2. iPod Touch
3. Cell Phone
4. Mobile hotspot
5. Backup battery
6. Nook
7. Camera
8. Cell Phone
9. Dustbuster

Items that can be used for a phone call:

1. Landline phone
2. Cellphone
3. iPod Touch
4. iPad
5. Desktop computer


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Jason had an insightful post on newspapers in the Internet Age on his blog wherein he suggested we donate to keep the watchdogs of the press going. In an aside, he mentioned subscriptions for music: To be honest, it's the same thing with music downloads. I've been screaming for monthly subscriptions for years now, and they're still not here. (At least not on the scale of an iTunes or Amazon.) Of course, I had to respond. Jason: I'm sorry to hear you've been screaming for years--you must be very hoarse. I believe the service you're looking for is called Rhapsody . I don't know what counts as "the same scale", but they have ads on TV. I don't know why anyone would pay $12.99/month to rent music, though. I want to own my music, I don't want some company to be able to take my access away or jack up the price at a whim. Rhapsody's main market must be people who don't own much music, have a lot of electronic devices but no interest


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