Friday, November 12, 2010


Photos by Ray S.

Sorry I haven't gotten around to a Halloween post, I wanted to used these awesome pictures my friend Ray took and I kept forgetting to ask for permission. We went to see Nosferatu at a cool old church with a live organist. It was great and the show and popcorn was free. Then we hung out a Donny Dirk's Zombie Den, where the bartenders all dress like Shaun of the Dead and the drinks are very strong and dangerous.

I think the outfit was one of my best, it fit several Halloween costume criteria:

  • Pretty easy to move around in. I was worried about the heels, but I didn't have any trouble. Certainly nothing like when we went as tikis . . .
  • Re-usable. I could use the whole thing for a convention or parts of it for a night on the town or even work.
  • Fun to make.
  • Good couple costume.
  • Flexible. Was demure at work and the church, but turned magically strumpelicious* at the bar.
Special thanks to Christine and Jennifer for providing parts of the outfit and Dr. S for letting me dress him. I love dressing my man!

Even more photos here.

*Neologism courtesy of Brea

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