Thursday, March 17, 2011


My Street Name: Badass Jfro
My Punk Name: Dre-N0
My Rap Name: Master Dre
My Drag Queen Name: Andrea Doria
My Dungeons & Dragons Name: Jfroella Of The Glade
My Cyberpunk Name: Jael "Jfro" Furoshiki
My Porn Star Name: Kitty High
My DJ Name: DJ Sniffles
My Social Network Name: ash966
My Anime Name: Jfro-Maru
My Steampunk Name: Rahel D'Souza
My Bowling Name: Peaches McGillicuddy*
My Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Name: Ratgirl
My Kung Fu Name: Leaping Lemur (Dr. S is Crouching Tarsier)
My Professional Name: It's Ms. XXXXXX XXXXXX, MLIS if you're nasty

*Thanks to Hellbound for the reminder.

What are your names?

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