Monday, May 14, 2007

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Dr. S and I went to the Toomer Gallery at Soovac, which seems to be becoming the hot new gallery since the demise of Ox-Op, last Saturday to catch the Dalek/Haze XXL show.
Haze XXL is Tom Hazelmyer, the guy behind Ox-Op, Amphetamine Reptile Records, and the great Halo of Flies*. The show combined cartoons of Dalek's "space monkeys" with Haze's instrumental music, which reminded us of Helios Creed or Neu! Pretty cool, but I was saddened to hear that one track on the associated CD featured my nemesis, Craig Finn of the Hold Steady. Damn you, Hazelmyer! Are you drinking the Kool-aid too? Anyway, anyone going to a Melvins show this fall will be able to see A Purge of Dissidents as the opener.

*Gemm says my "Death of a Fly" 7" is worth 40$!


Il grande chef said...

Your blog is very interesting.

ash966 said...

Mille grazie, grande chef.